The Future of the Ballpark: Face ID at Rakuten Super Nighter


Rakuten set up facial identification booths for baseball fans and fellow Rakuten colleagues to enjoy the Rakuten Super Nighter. The annual event where Sendai-based Rakuten Eagles play a Nippon Professional League game to a home crowd at Tokyo Dome was held on May 16 where they faced off with the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters. Though the Fighters edged out the Eagles with a 2-0 win, Rakuten Super Nighter and the biometric ticketing system were out-of-the-park hits. Over 135 baseball fans entered the stadium using facial recognition,  delivering a simple and seamless experience for them.

How does it work? After registering in the Rakuten ticket app, ticket holders take a photo at the booth for verification. They then enter their pre-registered pins based on players’ numbers and auto-check in on the Rakuten ticket app. The system is pleasantly convenient and improves ballpark accessibility.

Rakuten and RIT look forward to participating next year in the annual tradition, bonding with coworkers and fans alike, and helping families and friends experience a slice of Rakuten life and a glimpse of the future at the ballclub.  

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