Mixed Reality Experience at FC Barcelona Uniform Collection opening event at Rakuten CAFÉ


As part of the continued partnership with FC Barcelona, Rakuten is organizing an exhibit showing off signed FC Barcelona uniforms from throughout the club’s history. The exhibit, “FC Barcelona Uniform Collection”, is a collaboration with the FC Barcelona Museum and a private collector and can be seen on the third floor of the Rakuten Café in Shibuya until March 31st, 2018.

At the opening event, held on January 18th, 2018, Rakuten Institute of Technology presented a Mixed Reality(MR) experience where the guests could walk around the exhibit and get additional information about the displayed uniforms in a Mixed Reality environment. The users could also watch a video and experience what it is like to stand next to Lionel Messi and other star players from the team.

The result was a lot of laughter and fascination as many users had their first time with the technology, confirming our belief in the potential that Mixed Reality experiences can bring to exhibits and museums going forward.

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