Which Eagle star do you resemble? AI Photo Booth at 2019 Rakuten Super Nighter


Rakuten and RIT showcased their AI Photo Booth at the Rakuten Super Nighter, an annual event where the Rakuten Eagles play at the Tokyo Dome. The photo booth uses AI technology to figure out which Rakuten Eagles player you most resemble by analyzing the details features of your face. The system then matches this to a database of the same analysis done to Rakuten Eagles players, discovering which player looks most like you. Matched with an Eagles player, you receive a similarity score indicating how much you resemble your Eagles player.  You then have the option of downloading a still image to your phone as a souvenir.  

The AI booth was extremely popular amongst fans, with 208 people taking the chance to experience it that evening. Not only a great way to take a break from cheering on the Eagles, the #WhichEagle Booth let fans express their affinity and support in a new way.

You can see some of the action from the Rakuten Super Nighter below. Also, please feel free to share your photos on social media accounts with the #ダレ鷲 (#WhichEagle) hashtag.

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