Rakuten Institute of Technology: The incubation center of AI research and technologies that fuel Rakuten’s innovation.

Rakuten Institute of Technology (RIT), the core AI research wing of Rakuten, is spread across six geographical locations including Tokyo, Singapore, Boston, San Mateo, Bengaluru, and Paris. This division consists of AI research scientists with specialization in machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, computer vision, knowledge discovery and data mining. This department comprises of five major verticals, namely, customer program whose aim is to acquire a deep customer understanding for Rakuten membership, language program that deals with automating product catalog and machine translation, vision program whose mission is to provide frictionless image-based experience, and moonshot initiatives which are bold and ambitious strategic initiatives taken by Rakuten. Moonshot initiatives includes programs like curing cancer using AI, quantum computing, and building a fully autonomous mobile network.

The vison of Rakuten Institute of Technology is “Automation, Better Than Human” Being a research institute, this division has struck several noteworthy collaborations with top notch academic institutes around the globe. By establishing these collaborations and working on collaborative research projects, the bridge between academia and industry is established.


Automation: Better than human with 100 times more impact on businesses.

With this vision in mind, we aim to achieve two big goals at the same time, namely industry success and academic breakthroughs.

The vision of RIT is "automation, better than human." A very impressive aspect of AI in recent years is its demonstration of power and superior performance to humans in tasks such as language and vision processing, as well as games such as Go and multi-player online games.

We would like to develop AI capaibility that can outperform humans in the industry Rakuten leads, such as Fintech and E-commerce. For example, AI could potentially provide better asset management advice than human operators, or better product purchase advice than human shop assistants. With this vision in mind, we aim to achieve two big goals at the same time, namely industry success and academic breakthroughs.

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Currently, 130+ members are working in 6 locations globally.

We have six offices spread across the world. Taking advantage of the strengths of each location and cooperating within our global network, we conduct research to build a brighter future together.