RIT’s Federico Ang presents speech recognition research at COCOSDA 2019


Federico Ang, Research Scientist of Rakuten Institute of Technology (RIT), attended the 22nd Conference of the Oriental  COCOSDA (International Committee for the Co-ordination and Standardisation of Speech Databases and Assessment Techniques), held at the University of San Carlos in Cebu City, Phillipines.  O-COCOSDA is a sub-orgaization of COCOSDA, which was established in 1998. The three-day conference, held from October 25-27, focused on research and development in the field of speech technology.

During his talk, titled “Towards Practical Speech Recognition Systems: Perspectives and Challenges”, Dr. Ang presented an overview of Rakuten’s existing efforts in the development of automatic speech recognition and voice services supported languages. He introduced changes in user behavior and the tools and techniques to solve issues in developing more versatile ASR systems with improved speed and accuracy. He also spoke about opportunities for further research in speech recognition, natural language processing, and speech synthesis.

We would like to thank COCOSDA, the University of San Carlos, and all attendees for their enthusiasm and support in advancing speech technology globally.

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