Rakuten Institute of Technology Visits Keio University’s Aoki Media Sensing Laboratory


On March 13th, Mitsuru Nakazawa, one of our Tokyo researchers, made a visit to Keio University to meet with students from the Aoki Media Sensing Laboratory. The purpose of the visit was mainly to present Rakuten and Rakuten Institute of Technology to the current students, to promote us and the research that is being done in the industry today. Hopefully it will also attract some of the young minds to apply to work with us as future employees or interns.

The laboratory conducts research on artificial intelligence technology, computer vision and pattern recognition focusing on image sensing, which suits Rakuten Institute of Technology’s profile exceptionally well. In fact, Mitsuru is himself an alum from Keio University, and he belonged to the same research laboratory and had Professor Aoki as his supervisor during his studies there, so we know it can produce some talented people.

We look forward to hearing from the students, and hopefully we will get to work with some of them in the near future. For more information on the Aoki Media Sensing Laboratory, and our current job postings, see the links below.

Aoki Media Sensing Laboratory

Rakuten Institute of Technology – Careers

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