Rakuten Institute of Technology Receives Two Awards at Digital Signage Award 2018


Rakuten Institute of Technology is thrilled to announce that we have received two awards from Digital Signage Award 2018. By selecting and awarding outstanding works, the Digital Signage Award aims to promote and further stimulate the development of digital signage solutions. Both projects were awarded prizes in the Interactive section.

The first product receiving an award was AI Janken, a collaboration we did with Rakuten Mobile for one of their campaigns. The product, a rock-paper-scissors game, is made with 3D object recognition and deep learning technology enabling it to predict the player’s move with up to 100% accuracy, depending on its setting. By configuring the win ratio to allow a small number of players to win, Rakuten Mobile used it in their Endless Challenge campaign. The campaign was very successful, with considerable impact and many users joining the challenge. 

The second product receiving an award was Virtual Styling Lab. This was a collaborative project together with Zootie, one of the biggest fashion merchants on Rakuten Ichiba, and Tsukuba University. By combining several of our innovative technologies, like a virtual fitting room, remote advisory, and computer-based interaction, it provided a futuristic fashion consultation experience, drawing a large number of people and long lines to the event.

We would like to thank Digital Signage Award 2018 and everyone who participated in the campaigns, both working on them and visiting them, for making them great successes.

For more details on the award, see the offical homepage:

Digital Signage Award 2018

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