Mixed Reality Experience at FC Barcelona Museum


Our mixed reality experience was presented to VIPs as part of the Rakuten-FC Barcelona special reception event, which was held at the FCB Museum in Camp Nou, on February 26.

By putting on a pair of mixed reality glasses, holographic content can be seen hovering on top of a precious collection of historic FCB items, including a soccer ball with Messi’s autograph, boots worn by Ronaldo, and a jersey worn by Xavi on his 700th match. A video of Mikitani-san telling the story of the Rakuten-FCB partnership, together with virtual Messi and other FCB players can also be seen through the device.

This experience showcased innovations by Rakuten Institute of Technology bridging sports and technology. Not only did it demonstrate how mixed reality could be used to create novel interactive experiences for museums and exhibitions, it also gave us a glimpse into our daily life in the future with mixed reality computing.

This event was held as part of Rakuten’s activities around Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the world’s largest mobile industry event.

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