Rakuten Institute of Technology Launches Office in Bengaluru


We are happy to finally announce that, as of November 30th, Rakuten Institute of Technology has established its sixth and latest office, in Bengaluru, India. Some of the main research areas of the office include deep learning, computer vision, and robotics for warehouse logistics.

For us, a new location means new access to talented researchers in the area, as well as opening up many new opportunities for collaboration with academic institutions. Rakuten Institute of Technology Bengaluru is our first office in India, so finally breaking into the Indian research community is a big and important move for us.

Bengaluru has a very strong research community and we look forward to collaborating with academic researchers to discover and develop new technology applications. On top of this, India has a massive technical talent pool, and researchers in India are particularly strong in combining academic research and business applications, which fits perfectly with our way of working.

The new office will act as a hub for collaboration with Indian research universities and will provide high-level researchers with opportunities to research and develop tailored services for Rakuten group companies around the world. We can’t wait for all the exciting research and breakthroughs this will without a doubt bring.

The specific research areas of focus for the new office will include:

  • Practical applied research around deep learning to detect and predict financial fraud
  • Advancing research of computer vision, in particular its applications in e-commerce and medical imaging
  • Advancement of automation to improve efficiency in warehouse robotics and logistics

For the official press release, in English and Japanese, please see the links below.

Rakuten Opens New Research Institute in India


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