Rakuten Institute of Technology Researcher Presents at Chubu University AI Workshop


At the beginning of December, Chubu University held the fourth International Workshop on Industrial, Governmental, and Academic Collaboration. This year’s topic was AI and the Future of Environmental and Industrial Technology, and Mitsuru Nakazawa, a researcher at Rakuten Institute of Technology, was invited to hold a special lecture. Other special lecturers included representatives from Alibaba Cloud Japan, Nissan’s Mobility Services Research Center, and NIO, so to be allowed to present along with them was an honor.

Mitsuru’s research focus is on computer vision, and especially how to connect the internet and the real world through visual sensing, and his lecture covered the various AI technologies and applications we work with, and how we work to promote collaborations between industry and academia.

Rakuten Institute of Technology’s work is very focused on collaboration with academia and other companies, and naturally involves a lot of AI technology, so workshops like this are a perfect fit for us. To be allowed to hold one of the special lectures is a great honor, but just being able to attend and hear from all the other speakers what is going on in the industry, government, and academia is extremely valuable. We excitedly look forward to the next time we get a similar opportunity.

For more information on the workshop, in Japanese, see the link below.

第4回 国際産官学連携ワークショップ ~AIと環境・産業技術の未来~

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