Enriching the Travel Experience with Technology at SoC2018


Last month the 9th Social Computing Symposium (SoC2018) was held in Tokyo, and this year’s theme was travel. Rakuten Institute of Technology participated both as attendee and sponsor, and Yu Hirate, Senior Manager of Rakuten Institute of Technology Tokyo, held a presentation on some of our ideas for how technology and applications can be used to provide a richer travel experience.

The presentation covered four main topics; using natural language processing to analyze written reviews, location data to improve recommendations, crowd tracking technology for giving updates on how to avoid crowds, and digital signage solutions for giving information on nearby attractions and tourist spots.

We are happy to have gotten the chance to present, and grateful for all the great questions and feedback. We look forward to continue working on these solutions going forward and hopefully we have even more great things to present in the future.

For more information on SoC2018, see their homepage:


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