RIT Scientists’ Paper Accepted to Top Conference at CVPR


Scientists Bjorn Stenger and Geethu Jacob’s paper, “Facial Action Unit Detection Using Transformers” was accepted for submission at this year’s Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), one of the leading conference events in the field. Bjorn Stenger is the Vision Program Leader at RIT Tokyo; Geethu Jacob is Associate Research Scientist at RIT Bengaluru.

The joint paper proposes a new model architecture for facial action unit (FAU) detection, which defines facial muscle activity, using an attention network and transformed-based FAU correlation mode. One of the most exciting and salient fields today, their research makes an important contribution to the advancement and sustainability of facial technology.

CVPR will move to a virtual event and will be held from June 19-25.  Registration is open for students, members, as well as non-members. 

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