CCSE 2018


On July 1st, The 2018 Conference on Computer Science for Enterprise (CCSE) was held at Nakano Campus of Meiji University Tokyo. The conference is put together by research institutes of private enterprises, with the aim of having more people know about research and activities going on in these institutes, and to promote discussion leading to future innovations.

Soh Masuko, Senior Manager at Rakuten Institute of Technology, was one of the organizers for this year’s CCSE together with representatives from other enterprises, and we also  sponsored the conference. Masaya Mori, our global head held a keynote, and 4 other of our members also held presentaions. In total, 25 presentations from 9 companies were conducted, leading to many lively discussion among the more than 400 attendees, including engineers, reseachers, and students.

[Keynote] Making a Change in Global Enterprises – Rakuten Institute of Technology’s Challenge
        Presenter: Masaya Mori

Introduction of Optimization for Logistic Processes Using Data Science 
     Presenter:  Yu Hirate
Introduction to Computer Vision Technology Considering Privacy
     Presenter: Mitsuru Nakazawa

Exploring Digital Signage Solutions Remote Operated by Smartphones 
       Presenter: Masafumi Muta
[Sponsor Promotion] Introduction of Rakuten Institute of Technology and The New Future Merchandise Design Laboratory
       Presenter: Hiromi Ochiai

Closing Speech
     Presenter: Soh Masuko

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