Rakuten Institute of Technology at Rakuten GirlsAward


This weekend, on May 19th, Rakuten Institute of Technology participated in the celebrations at Rakuten GirlsAward by exhibiting our wallshop product to the visitors. The wallshop is a new shopping experience using large digital signage to replace a regular store shelf. Multiple users can browse, get details, and even purchase their items from a digital storefront simultaneously by using their smartphones as controllers.

Rakuten GirlsAward is a large-scale event celebrating fashion and music, where lovers of both gather for a day of shows, presentations, and talk shows. This was the perfect chance for us to get some of the most fashion-conscious people in Japan to try our technology and to get their impressions. In working to change the way we shop through technology, Rakuten Institute of Technology aims to deliver experiences that people love using, and getting them into the hands of the future users is always exciting.

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to come by the event and our exhibition. If you missed out, we are also showing the wallshop to the wider public in a collaboration with BEAMS starting this week in Shinjuku, so check out the links below for more details on both that and Rakuten GirlsAward.

Rakuten GirlsAward

Rakuten meets BEAMS JAPAN

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