Shopping Together: A Remote Co-shopping System Utilizing Spatial Gesture Interaction

Author: Minghao Cai, Soh Masuko, Jiro Tanaka


In this paper, we introduce a remote co-shopping system–Shopping Together for two geographically separated people: an in-house user who remains in a house and an in-store user who goes to a shopping place. We support the two of users to achieve a real-time two-way spatial gestural interaction in the physical shopping world where the in-store user stays, with an attention awareness subsystem to enhance a common feeling. The in-house user accesses to the remote shopping venue with an immersive shopping feeling, while the in-store user experiences an augmented reality feeling. Through our system, users could accomplish a shopping task together and share a Shopping together feeling which means a sensation that they are going for purchase together in the same space.

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