Why Join
Rakuten Research

01Vast and exciting data

The Rakuten Group offers a full range of services related to daily life, from shopping and online payment to telecommunications, travel, and finance. The vast amount of diverse data we are able to generate and access makes research at RIT dynamic and exciting.

02Real business-related research

At RIT, your research will be put to real use and exposed to millions people around the world every day.

03One global team

Rakuten has six global offices, but no matter where we are in the world, we share the same challenges and successes as one team.

04Choose the best field for your personal growth

We provide an environment to learn, grow and engage with excellent researchers around the world. Receive guidance from renowned scientist and AI researchers and start exciting conversations with you peers.


Vision Program
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Computer Vision Researcher, Vision Program
location Tokyo
Vision Program
Full Time

The Vision Program, which is one of our core science programs, aims to process and understand images and videos using advanced computer vision and machine learning. We are working in areas such as estimating product attributes for large-scale image datasets for creating catalogs, robust document image understanding for smooth customer onboarding, image generation and enhancement for attractive, personalized recommendations, and other applications to handle the large amount of visual data in Rakuten’s businesses. We are interested in leveraging techniques to increase efficiency during model training and deployment.

The Vision Program is looking for a research scientist with strong research background in the field of computer vision & machine learning who is motivated to join our team.