Interaction Study of Shuriken: User Grouping and Data Transfer Based on Inter-device Relative Positioning

Author: Jonathan Chung, Adiyan Mujibiya


We present Shuriken, a method for user grouping and data transfer for smart devices that are in close proximity. Users point their devices towards each other to link them into a group (point to link). The relative positions are estimated between the grouped devices (link to group) with Bluetooth low energy received signal strength indication and the digital compass readings. The relative positions are then used for identifying the recipients for data transfer by swiping towards the physical direction (swipe to send). In this paper, we studied the possible operations to enable: point to link, link to group and swipe to send and compared Shuriken to existing techniques for user grouping and data transfer. We envision practical uses of Shuriken in collaborative shopping in a café, data transfer in business meetings and localisation of smart devices.

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