Which Eagle Are You? Experience Our Ai Photo Booth for the Second Baseball Season in a Row


For the second season in a row, we will open a permanent display of our AI Photo Booth at Rakuten Seimei Park Miyagi, the home stadium of the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles baseball team. Last season was the first time we got this experience into the hands of users on a large scale, and it was very popular throughout the season, so we are very excited to be able to do it again this year. The opening home game is today, April 2nd, and we will have two photo booths there from the start. You can find one by gate 8, and one at the second-floor concourse, next to the nursing room.

The photo booth uses AI technology to figure out which Rakuten Eagles player you most resemble by analyzing the detailed features of your face. The system then matches this to a database of the same analysis done to Rakuten Eagles players, to your Eagle twin. It is a fun little experience for when you need a break from screaming your lungs out cheering for the Eagles, so make sure to bring your family or friends and see which players you all look the most like!

We also took the chance in the off-season to make some upgrades to the system, so it will be better than ever:

  • The roster has been updated, and we have a total of 20 players in the system
  • The player images differ based on the face similarity score you receive
  • The final image can be downloaded via QR code, instead of photographed off the screen
  • The final image is more beautiful than ever thanks to improved image processing
  • The visual design of both the software and the frame has been refined

You can see a video of the system in action below, but make sure to see it in person if you can. Also, when you do, don’t forget to share the photo on your social media accounts with the #ダレ鷲 (#WhichEagle) hashtag!

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