Rakuten Institute of Technology at the 11th Forum on Data Engineering and Information Management


At the beginning of March, the 11th Forum on Data Engineering and Information Management, DEIM2019, was held in Nagasaki, Japan. This time we participated with several talks and a sponsor booth. The event has been around for a while, and we have always enjoyed it, so when they announced this year that they would accept corporate sponsors for the first time, we took the chance to be a bigger part of it.

Sho Nakamura, one of our researchers, presented in a technical talk session about our Recommender System, as well as about Rakuten Institute of Technology as a whole. In addition to this, Sho together with Ayana Yoshida, one of our coordinators, were a part of a panel discussion on work-life balance for corporate researchers, and Ayana held a lightning talk about Rakuten Institute of Technology. Yu Hirate, Senior Manager of our Tokyo office, also attended in the capacity of committee member and helped man the booth.

The event attracted more than 600 visitors, an increase by over 100 from last year, and the various sessions gave us plenty of great chances to interact in different ways with the participants. It was very exciting to see many of them interested in what we do, and many students visited our booth to talk about the potential of working with us in the future. We look forward to next year’s event already!

For more information about the event, in Japanese, see the link below.


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