RIT’s Dr. Nakazawa addresses large crowd at Japan Society for Precision Engineering


The Japan Society for Precision Engineering’s Technical Committee on Industrial Application of Image Processing hosted a Light and 3D Measurement session on September 13.  As part of the event, Mitsuru Nakazawa, one of Rakuten Institute of Technology’s senior researchers, had the honor of holding a lecture among 100 attendees.

The title of the lecture was “Principles of Depth Sensing and its Applications at Rakuten Institute of Technology”. Dr. Nakazawa discussed the advancements in depth sensing in conjunction with improvements in computer vision and deep learning to augment human capabilities with various tasks. He also spoke at length on how Rakuten’s research and development is utilizing depth sensing techniques. Some of these included sensing 3D environments and reconstructing them in the virtual world, enhancing robotics and autonomous vehicles for navigation, localization and mapping, and 3D face modeling to improve facial recognition systems and security.

Afterwards, the chairperson of the lecture approached Dr. Nakazawa to thank him for his thought-provoking lecture and introducing the ” specific products and examples from the latest depth sensor landscape.”

It has never been a more exciting time to explore these topics as we continue to try to invent the future. A big thank you to Japan Society for Precision Engineering for giving us the opportunity. We would also like to thank all those who attended and participated!

Dr. Nakazawa giving a lecture at Japan Society for Precision Engineering

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