RIT captivates young researchers and students at Sicily school


The 13th edition of the International Computer Vision Summer School (ICVSS) was held in Siciliy from July 7-13, 2019. The school brought together researchers and students from academia and industry to engage in an intensive week of lectures, poster presentations and discussions.

The quality of presentations was consistently high, given that all speakers are leading experts in exciting domains such as image and video understanding, autonomous vehicles, and privacy protection on the internet. The school aims to provide a stimulating opportunity for young researchers and Ph.D. students.

One of the highlights was a talk given by Professor Jitendra Malik of University of California, Berkeley, one of the pioneers in the field.

Rakuten Institute of Technology was honored to be a sponsor of this event and participated in the industrial session of the school. Our attendees came from RIT Paris and Tokyo offices and presented computer vision research at Rakuten, such as image quality assessment of product images for e-commerce, which has been deployed in production, as well as ongoing projects, such as face recognition for payments, content filtering, and 3D reconstruction. We also brought VR glass to provide students with an immersive tour of Rakuten’s research offices (see below).

We want to thank ICVSS 2019 for hosting RIT and providing us with the opportunity to discuss research with several talented students and researchers from around the world. Additionally, to gather more detailed information about the ICVSS program, please visit their institutional website.

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