Rakuten Umai Mono Taikai and Everyone’s tAIsty Coupon


Rakuten Umai Mono Taikai held last week in Nagoya has finished, and we all had an amazing time with everyone that came by our Everyone’s tAIsty Coupon booth to get personalized coupons created by our AI system. In total, 1200 people came by to try it out, and an overwhelming amount left entertained and happy. It is great to see that we were able to spread some joy to everyone.

We had some celebrity guests stop by, including Hori, an entertainer and impressionist, Takumi Sato and Setsura Kitagawa from the band Boys and Men Kenkyusei, Mayu Furuhashi, an actress and former singer. Additionally, Mister Sasuke himself, Katsumi Yamada, Takanori Shimizu from Matsuri Nine, and Namiko Tozuka, a radio personality and reporter, all also visited the booth and got their very own coupons to use for some tAIsty foods. On top of that, we also got a visit from our very own Seichu, Masatada Kobayashi, Chief People Officer, Group Managing Executive Officer, and co-founder of Rakuten.

Thank you everyone that come, famous or not, and we hope to bring more experiences like this to events around Japan again soon. If you didn’t get a chance this time, keep an eye and ear out.

Make sure to check out video and photos of it all below, and a links to our previous reporting from it.

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