RIT’s Computational Linguist presents on Asian Language Machine Translation in Hong Kong


RIT Computational Linguist Liling Tan presented a poster at the 6th workshop on Asian Translation (WAT) 2019 on November 3-4 in Hong Kong, China. WAT 2019 is an open machine translation evaluation focusing on Asian languages.  This year included new translation subtracks, presentation of scientific papers on machine translation and Asian language processing, and a keynote address from Desmond Elliott, Assistant Professor of University of Copenhagen. 

In collaboration with RIT Scientists Raymond Hendy Susanto and Ohnmar Htun, Tan presented “Sarah’s Participation in WAT 2019”. The paper addresses how to train multilingual model that is capable of translating between multiple language pairs with a single model. The paper focuses specifically on validating hypotheses in machine translation for Asian languages, a field which merits greater attention.

Thank you to WAT organizers for putting the workshop together and to all the machine translation researchers who participated in sharing and discussing their novel ideas to advance the field.

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