Join the Rakuten Data Challenge


On behalf of The 2018 SIGIR Workshop On eCommerce, Rakuten Institute of Technology Boston is organizing a data analysis challenge that kicked off on April 9th, but there is still possible to register until May 15th. The challenge focuses on the topic of large-scale taxonomy classification where the goal is to predict each product’s category as defined in the taxonomy tree given the product’s title. 

Advances in this area of research have been limited due to the lack of real data from actual commercial catalogs. The challenge presents several interesting research aspects due to the intrinsic noisy nature of the product labels, the size of modern eCommerce catalogs, and the typical unbalanced data distribution.

Rakuten Institute of Technology is happy to organize this challenge, as it brings attention to an area of research that has strong potential. By providing our data for the challenge we hope that the many great minds participating can bring some new ideas to the field, and maybe even a breakthrough or two. If you are interested and want to know more, see the page linked below and consider registering and participating.

Rakuten Data Challenge

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