Meet Rakuten AIris – An AI Agent for Highly Effective Target Prospecting


Rakuten Institute of Technology is very proud to announce the launch of a new advertisement solution, Rakuten AIris. Based on our research and developed in collaboration with Rakuten’s data science department and advertisement business division, AIris allows for prospective targeting based on big data analysis of usage patterns.

By analyzing 920 different usage patterns across a variety of services for users that purchased a certain product, and scoring users that have not purchased the product yet based on the same, it allows for highly effective prediction of future potential buyers. This then helps services provide product suggestions to individuals that fit their needs and wants the most, minimizing unnecessary ones and only showing what they are most likely to be interested in.

Tests so far have shown that, compared to older targeting methods based on purchases of similar products, Rakuten AIris is up to five times as effective. We are excited to already see how this is increasing the quality of online shopping, allowing users to find products they want faster and easier, and we are working hard to make it even better going forward.

See the link below for the original press release (in Japanese):

Rakuten AIris

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