Rakuten Institute of Technology Collaborates with Rakuten Mobile on Augmented Reality Lottery


Until the end of April, Rakuten Mobile is running a campaign where visitors to their stores have a chance to win Rakuten Super Points of up to 5000 yen. To make it a bit more interesting than the usual raffle, Rakuten Institute of Technology teamed up with Rakuten Mobile and Rakuten Panda to make the experience a bit more “pandaful”.

Visitors of the stores can go to a website on their mobile phones that brings up an Augmented Reality camera. This then enables them to call out the adorable Rakuten Panda at certain points around the store, and once called out, Rakuten Panda will give the judgement of who is a winner and not. Luckily, everyone is a winner, and the less lucky ones will still receive Rakuten Panda goods to cheer them up.

For Rakuten Institute of Technology, campaigns like this are excellent chances to display modern technology in the form of fun experiences that bring a smile to peoples’ faces. If you have the chance, we hope that you visit one of the stores and see it for yourself.

For more on the campaign, in Japanese, see:

Image provided by Rakuten Mobile
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