Pervasive Displays and Virtual Fashion Coordination at PerDis 2018


Earlier this year, Rakuten Institute of Technology had a researcher attend PerDis 2018, The 7th ACM International Symposium on Pervasive Displays, conference to present some of our research and learn about the latest in pervasive display technology and solutions.

PerDis is a gathering of researchers from various disciplines with a shared focus on the challenges caused by the increase of pervasive displays as a medium for communication in public and semi-public spaces. With Rakuten’s strong presence in e-commerce, this is a very important field for us, as it can blend the digital and the physical shopping experiences, and it is an area of research we put a lot of effort into.

Our research, titled “Oz’s Fitting Room: Fashion Coordination Support System by Digital Signage and Human-driven Virtual Agent”, covered how remote fashion coordination, translated into a more robotic and display-based experience, can in fact reduce the psychological burden of giving and receiving feedback. This effect is very interesting, as we think that many people intuitively think that a more human experience is preferable when it comes to fashion coordination, but our results indicate that it is not always that simple.

We hope to be able to return to this great event in the coming years as well, to present further research on the topic and learn even more about what discoveries are being made in the field around the world.

Read more about PerDis 2018 on their homepage:

PerDis 2018

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