Which Rakuten Eagles Player Do You Look Like? Our AI Photo Booth Can Tell You!


Starting this week with the Rakuten TV Nighter event, we opened the permanent display of our AI Photo Booth at Rakuten Seimei Park in Sendai, the home stadium of Rakuten Eagles. The last time we showed off the booth, at a one-day special event in May, it was extremely popular, and the overwhelming interest made us want to do it again. For that reason, we are now opening up two permanent booths, to make sure that everyone can get a chance to experience it.

We made some upgrades to improve the performance, and also added a stadium announcer voice and visual improvements to the software and the booth itself, to make it even more engaging.  The interest is already impressive, with almost 500 people trying it out on the first day alone, and we look forward to getting it into the hands of more and more people until the end of this year’s baseball season.

The photo booth uses AI technology to figure out which Rakuten Eagles player you most resemble by analyzing the detailed features of your face. The system then matches this to a database of the same analysis done to 24 Rakuten Eagles players, to find which player you resemble the most. So the next time you are watching a game at Rakuten Seimei Park, if you need a short break from cheering on Rakuten Eagles, you can enter our photo booth and find out which Eagles player you look the most like. After that you will also get to take a virtual two-shot photo with the player.

You can see a video below of how it works from our Facebook page. Just make sure to click through and give us a like and share, to not miss more similar content in the future.

Our report from the previous event and the Japanese Rakuten Eagles page for the booth and the Rakuten TV Nighter event with more information on where to find the booth can be found on the links below.

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