DEIM 2018


DEIM (Data engineering and Information Management) is one of the biggest forums in Japan. DEIM2018 (The 10th DEIM forum and the 16th annual meeting  of the Database Society of Japan) was held March 4th to 6th, 2018 at Seifuso, a traditional Japanese style hotel in Awara city, Fukui prefecture, Japan. The 574 people attending the forum spent 2 nights at the venue for a total of 310  presentations and a variety of other activities.

Yu Hirate, Tokyo Office Manager at Rakuten Institute of Technology, announced  the DBSJ Data Challenge in 2018 hosted by the DataBase Society of Japan (DBSJ), and explained the data which Rakuten provides for the challenge. We will be providing baseball game data from all of matches in the Pacific League, the same as we did last year. If you are interested in data analysis in baseball, please attend the DBSJ Data Challenge!

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