Sharing Augmented Reality Experience Between HMD and Non-HMD User

Author: Shihui Xu, Bo Yang, Boyang Liu, Kelvin Cheng, Soh Masuko, Jiro Tanaka


See-through type augmented reality (AR) head mounted displays (HMDs) allow for a highly immersive experience and are currently becoming widely used in e-commerce domains. Current AR systems mainly focus on improving the experience for the user who is wearing the HMD (HMD user), resulting in the exclusion of bystander without HMD (non-HMD user) from AR experience. We propose sharing the AR experience between the HMD user and non-HMD user by visualizing and synchronizing the virtual objects to a smartphone, thereby enabling non-HMD user to see and interact with the virtual objects on their smartphones directly. We also proposed a pre-experience system which provides users with a mobile AR based virtual product experience for enhancing online shopping. We share the experience between HMD user and non-HMD user to illustrate the concept of our approach, where the HMD user can interact with a virtual product when shopping online to get a better sense of the real product, and where the non-HMD user can have a similar AR experience through smartphones.

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