Gesture-based Mobile Communication System Providing Side-by-side Shopping Feeling

Author: Minghao Cai, Soh Masuko, Jiro Tanaka


This demo is a gesture-based communication framework designed for an immersive joint shopping scenario. It focuses on enhancing the mobile human-to-human interaction between two geographically separated users: an in-house user and an in-store user. By exploring the uses of depth-based tracking techniques and the integration of head-mounted displays and the spherical camera, we (1) construct an immersive virtual shopping environment for the in-house user remaining in a house and (2) offer a novel way for the users to achieve a real-time gestural communication in the physical shopping environment which the in-store user stays in, while (3) the latter gets an augmented reality experience. Through this demo, both users could share a feeling that they go for shopping side by side in the same place.

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