Walls Have Ears: Using Conductive Surfaces of Furniture and Everyday Objects for Room-Wide Power Usage and Crowd Activity Sensing

Author: Adiyan Mujibiya and Junji Torii


We propose a design of self-powering room-wide power usage and crowd activity sensing that uses a single point of contact on a conductive surface of furniture or everyday objects such as metal frame of table or window, desktop PC case, rack, cabinet, and so on. We utilize these surfaces for energy scavenging from capacitive reactance and electromagnetic inductance which are typically occur in indoor house and office where there are many electrical appliances. We incorporate energy store and release strategy, and treat the charge accumulation time as a function of electrical appliance usage and human activity within a certain location. In this paper, we highlight principle of operation and prototype implementation result showing sensing log of an office room for 7 days timespan.

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