Partner Character Attracting Consumers To Real Stores

Author: Entertainment Computing - ICEC 2017. ICEC 2017. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 10507. Springer, Cham


The diversification of personal tastes and the rapid increase in choices makes it difficult to select things that suits them. For service providers it is fixedly segmented like a conventional mass media It is becoming more difficult to provide advertisements and services to individuals. Because of these circumstances, it is requested that we can accurately acquire personal preferences and analyze them. On the other hand, attention is focused on O2O, which connects online actions to offline online shopping in real stores.We also use gaming which makes various elements of everyday life into a game, Measures have also been taken to immerse and positively tackle purchasing behavior. In the marketing field, it is said that narrative is important for inducing user’s behavior. Therefore, in this research, we construct a partner character system based on scenario game and verify whether we can increase purchasing behavior in a real shop by making users engage in the system using scenarios and characters that can be friends with users.

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