Interactive Study of WallSHOP: Multiuser Connectivity between Public Digital Advertising and Private Devices for Personalized Shopping

Author: Masafumi Muta, Soh Masuko, Keiji Shinzato, Adiyan Mujibiya


In this study, we present the design guidelines, implementation details, and user study results of WallSHOP, a novel interactive shopping experience that extends content sharing between public digital advertising and mobile devices. Multiple users can access and browse the content shown in public advertising displays from their mobile devices and interact with content using uniquely assigned cursors. WallSHOP supports content fetching from the display to users devices, allowing users to privately browse item details and initiate secure purchases. WallSHOP combines advantages of public and private displays, focusing on easy deployment and scalability in realistic scenarios because we implemented it using only standard web technology running on a web browser, without additional software installation.

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