Cyber Chamber: Multi-user Collaborative Assistance System for Online Shopping

Author: Masafumi Muta, Kenji Mukai, Ryoutarou Toumoto, Motoi Okuzono, Junichi Hoshino, Hiromi Hirano, and Soh Masuko


Recently, online shopping continues to thrive in modern societies, especially via tablets and smartphones; however, in current online shopping environments, there is insufficient support for shopping with several people, which is often what shoppers do together in the nonvirtual world. In this paper, we propose a novel system that provides a new online shopping experience for multiple users. Here, we developed Cyber Chamber, a system that enables users to interact with tablets and wall projection for each user to search items privately via their tablets and then share those publicly on the wall. To evaluate the effectiveness of our system, we performed experiments. From our results, we confirmed that our proposed system successfully supports the ease of discussion, information sharing, and ease with which multiple users can together consider combinations of goods.

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