KiTeMiROOM: a fashion-coordination system for mobile devices

Author: Soh Masuko and Yasuyuki Hayashi


Recently the number of users who purchase fashion-related items using mobile devices has increased rapidly. However, most users find it hard to find their choice of apparel items due to the mobile’s limited screen space. Because the lists of items are displayed images optimized for viewing with a mobile device, it is hard for users to visualize the item size and how it will coordinate with other items. In this paper, we propose the “KiTeMiROOM” interface to quickly browse coordinating tops, bottoms, and shoes by adjusting the scale of the clothing images while simultaneously displaying them using carousel panels. To implement this function, we created clothing-only image data by mechanically extracting the images and features of various clothing from a huge collection of apparel on e-commerce websites. Finally, we compared our proposed method with an ordinal list-view method used in these websites and confirmed that the KiTeMiROOM interface enhances the experience of searching for coordinated clothing.

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