HITOKE: A Study of Queue Visualization of Internet Purchase Information

Author: Soh Masuko and Hiroshi Abe


While on the one hand the business-to-consumer (BtoC) e-commerce market in online shopping and suchlike is growing year on year, most online shoppers are reported to feel hesitation at internet purchasing. For that reason, it has become important to display product evaluation information such as other customers’ feedback or purchase frequency, or a sense of activity on webpages so as to encourage users to purchase goods online. This paper therefore proposes a method, HITOKE, to visualize purchase context such as buyer attributes or product purchase frequency on web pages as a queue representation, and has undertaken to provide users with new evaluation information. Lastly, as a result of applying the proposed method in an actual online shop, we were able to confirm a trend of increased product page access and increased purchase frequency, and we showed that the proposed method has the potential to promote users’ purchasing.

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