The Digital Signage Consortium Open Lab Vol. 01


On January 22nd, The Digital Signage Consortium Open Lab Vol. 01 was held at the Mita Campus of Keio University. The event brings together people to discuss and share recent developments in the field of digital signage. 

At the event, Soh Masuko, senior manager of the Future Merchant Design Laboratory at Rakuten Institute of Technology, gave a presentation on the digital signage solutions Rakuten Technology Research Institute has developed so far. Later, in a panel discussion together with other speakers, a discussion was held about the possibilities and challenges of future digital signage utilization from the perspective of the IoT and AI industries, as well as the digital signage industry.

More than 200 people attended the event, and for us it was a great success to get to both share our developments with our peers, and get some valuable insights from the many encounters and sessions held.

For more information on the event, in Japanese, see the link below.

Digital Signage Consortium Open Lab Vol. 01

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