RIT’s Yu Hirate gives keynote speech at NIRO


Yu Hirate, Senior Manager of RIT, gave the keynote speech titled “Data Science in Rakuten -AI application for big data” at NIRO (The New Industry Research Organization) in Kobe on September 6.

Dr. Hirate discussed methods to examine large and varied data sets generated from Rakuten’s seventy services. Extracting useful and timely insights can become difficult as data continues to expand and grow more complex but there are certain mechanisms that Rakuten and RIT are utilizing to measure critical aspects of business and make more informed decisions. For example, at Rakuten Ichiba, the largest online shopping platform in Japan, product genres are now estimated via images, making it more convenient and expedient for consumers to locate products. The marketplace has undergone many developments, once employing rule-based categorization (based on retailer categories and product titles) and deep-learning algorithms for product classification.

Additionally, Dr. Hirate introduced a facial-recognition system that creates a personalized menu by determining one’s age and gender, which will provide a “new purchasing experience.” He also considered Rakuten’s delivery services and processes to expand services for those in remote locations. Rakuten’s drone services made headlines this past summer when Rakuten delivered and replenished supplies for visitors on an uninhabited island off Yokosuka.

We want to thank NIRO, sponsors, and all the attendees.

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