Rakuten Umai Mono Taikai


On Tuesday next week, Rakuten Umai Mono Taikai is kicking off in Nagoya, and Rakuten Institute of Technology is looking forward to take part in the festivities. Held from October 2nd to October 8th on the 10th floor of JR Takashimaya in Nagoya, Rakuten Umai Mono Taikai is a festival for tasty food items from around Japan, with regional delicacies and special items only available during the event being presented to the visitors.

Rakuten Institute of technology participates with our Minna no UmAI Coupon (Everyone’s TAIsty Coupon) booth, where visitors are scanned by our artificial intelligence system to extract details such as gender, age and facial expression data, which is then analyzed to give a recommendation for a food item that suits them. The visitors can then strike a pose and have their photo taken to be combined with the recommended food item and get a printed post card of the results as a memory. The post card also contains a QR code that leads to an online coupon that can be used on the Rakuten market place.

It is great to come out to events like these and show off our advanced technology in a way that brings smiles to visitors’ faces, so please make sure to stop by our booth and find out what your recommendation is!

For more information on the event in Japanese, see the link below.


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