Rakuten Institute of Technology at MVA 2019


The Sixteenth International Conference on Machine Vision Applications was held at the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center in Tokyo from  May 27-31, 2019. The conference brought together researchers and practitioners from both academia and industry to exchange ideas and cutting-edge research.

“Cooking Video Summarization Guided by Matching Step-By-Step Recipe Photos,” a collaborative effort with researchers of Machine Perception and Robotics Group at Chubu University, was accepted for oral presentation. Ryo Sobue of Chubu University presented the findings at the conference, proposing a semi-automatic system for summarizing cooking videos utilizing videos of the cooking process and step-by-step recipe images. Providing an interactive system for video editing, participants can  create shareable videos with ease and attract social media users’ interest.  For more details, please see the following project website:

Furthermore, this paper was also reviewed and accepted for poster presentation.  Mitsuru Nakazawa, Tomoyuki Mukasa, and Bjorn Stenger of RIT gave the poster presentation to MVA attendees. They displayed a sports digital signage system that detects users’ faces and the team player who looks most like the user in a composite image. Housed in an AI photo booth, it provides a fun experience for sports fans and enhances engagement with their favorite teams.

To see a video of the system and the Rakuten Eagles’ fans in action, please see the following video:-

We want to thank the MVA organization for the opportunity to present and discuss our research with other researchers and practitioners in the field.

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