Rakuten Institute of Technology at Interaction 2019


Rakuten Institute of Technology (RIT) was one of the major sponsors at this year’s Interaction from March 9-11, 2019. Interaction is a major conference, which brings people together to discuss latest technologies and information related to interaction. Participants include researchers and practitioners from diverse fields, including VR and software engineering, social sciences, anthropology, media and the arts. 

In addition to sponsorship of the conference, RIT showcased “Vpro (VR + Professional)”, a remote customer service system that enables stores and merchants to better serve their customers by utilizing VR. Five members of our team attended the conference exhibit, including Masanori Akiyama, Masahumi, Muta, Hiromi Ochiai, Yasushi Fujii, and Soh Masuko. Using the mascot of e-zakkamania, a Rakuten marketplace store, they showed how top stylists can coordinate and tailor fashion styles from a remote location. In so doing, they provided a clear look at the future of merchant design and the exciting possibilities ahead of us.

We would like to thank the organizers for the great event and giving us the opportunity to present. We look forward to participating again in 2020.

For more information about Interaction (Japanese), please see the link below.

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