A Professional Stylist Suggests the Perfect Outfit for You! -Notice of VR Remote Styling Support System Demonstration-


The Rakuten Institute of Technology Future Merchant Design Laboratory will conduct a demonstration experiment using the VR Remote Customer Service System on Saturday, May 18. With the cooperation of the select shop Zootie, we will connect the Zootie styling lab in Kita-Sando, Tokyo, with the Zootie Kobe Sakaemachi branch store.

Customers that try it out can receive remote clothes coordination in real time from a Tokyo based stylist, while staying in the Kobe store!

If you live in Kobe or nearby, please come and experience it!

Date and time: 13:00 – 17:00 on May 18 (Saturday)
Place: Zootie Kobe Sakaemachi Branch (2-3-5 Hirasaki Bldg., Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture Hirasaki Building 1F)

For reference, below you can read about the past demonstration of the system that we did at CEATEC 2019.

Rakuten Institute of Technology takes the stage at CEATEC

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