ICAT-EGVE 2017 – Best Poster Award


Selecting Moving Targets in AR using Head Orientation

Winner: Keigo Matsumoto, Masahumi Muta, Kelvin Cheng, Soh Masuko

Publication Year: 2017

Paper: Selecting Moving Targets in AR using Head Orientation


Along with the spread of augmented reality (AR) using head-mounted display or smart glass, attempts have been made to present information by superimposing information on people and things. In general, people are always moving about and usually do not stay stationary, so it is conceivable that the superimposed AR information also moves with them. However, it is often difficult to follow and select moving targets.We propose two novel techniques, TagToPlace and TagAlong, which help users select moving targets using head orientation. We conducted a user study to compare our proposed techniques to a conventional gaze selection method – DwellTime. The results showed that our proposed techniques are superior to a conventional one in terms of throughput when selecting moving targets.

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