The 2018 Egison World Tour


As some of you might already know, Egison is a programming language built by one of Rakuten Institute of Technology’s researchers, Satoshi Egi. Egison is a programming language that features a customizable efficient non-linear pattern-matching facility for non-free data types, or to simplify things a bit, a language built around pattern-matching. At the end of last month, Satoshi Egi was very busy touring the world to attend three different conferences to present papers and other things related to the programming language he is building.

At the 2018 Forum on Information Technology, Satoshi Egi held a general presentation and demonstration on the features of the Egison programming language. The main points of the session were its efficient and expressive pattern-matching facility, its computer algebra system implemented utilizing its pattern-matching facility, and its importation of tensor index notation into programming.

Next up, he talked at the 27th workshop of Mathematical Software and Free Documents, where researchers of mathematics discussed mathematical software for the research and education of mathematics. The talk demonstrated the computer algebra system he implemented in Egison by focusing on how its pattern-matching system is utilized.

The last event required an international trip, to present a paper at the 2018 Scheme and Functional Programming Workshop in Saint Louis, Missouri. There the presentation was on loop patterns, one of the features of the pattern-matching facility of the Egison programming language.

At all the conferences, the attendees participated excitedly, and they all led to very constructive discussion on utilizing Egison for mathematical research. The idea also came up to possibly importing the pattern-matching facility of Egison into Scheme and other functional programming languages.

For more information on the Egison programming language and the conferences, see the links below.


Forum on Information Technology 2018

Mathematical Software And Free Documents 27

Scheme and Functional Programming Workshop 2018

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