Rakuten Institute of Technology Featured in Technologist’s Magazine


Last week, Technologist’s Magazine was kind enough to feature Rakuten Institute of Technology in their series on research organizations. The article, titled “Continuing to Explore Services of the Future to Support the Development of Rakuten’s Diverse Businesses and Customers”, talks about our beginnings, mission, and recent developments.

With the mission of introduction academic methods and state-of-the-art technology to Rakuten’s various businesses in order to boost growth, Rakuten Institute of Technology has hundreds of ongoing projects in parallel in five locations around the world. Not only in things like deep learning, user analysis, and drone delivery, but recently also with increased efforts in the field of creative AI, using artificial intelligence to perform non-repeated creative tasks such as generating images, text and sound.

Additionally, the article mentions examples of our collaborative research with academia and industry in order to find solutions for future shopping experiences, such as digital remote styling rooms. It is great to see our work get out and mentioned like this, and it gives us even more motivation to continue working hard to bring new innovations to the field.

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