Conference on Computer Science for Enterprise


On July 1st, the Conference on Computer Science for Enterprise was held at Meiji University, Japan. This conference is focused on presentations on research made by corporate research laboratories. Rakuten Institute of Technology participated as one of the presenters, and addressed some of the most crucial questions about the future of digital signage. Among other things, the topic covered solutions for remote customer service at physical stores, and our virtual fitting room collaboration with FUDGE Holiday Circus.

You can read more about the FUDGE Holiday Circus collaboration here:

Event : FUDGE Holiday Circus with Shinagawa Open Theater

Masaya Mori, the global head of Rakuten Institute of Technology, was also among the presenters, and for your convenience we are presenting some of his key points in English below.

The savviest customers out there are very flexible in their visions and ideas, and they sometimes even surpass those of students, researchers, and people in planning positions. This is the type of people we want to do business with.

Rakuten Institute of Technology’s research is guided by the vision we call the Third Reality, and a part of this is the concept of overcoming conflict through new ideas based on what we call a third option, to see dichotomies as potentially collaborative rather than conflicting. For example, research and business, or big companies and start-ups. One of these is not always the right option. It is the users that is the key, and the Third Reality means to consider the third option, to unify the two opposing forces with the users.

To whom does reality belong? The customers. It is the customers themselves that guide the way to new value. That is the vision that we raise to lead our continued progress. Even inside of companies, to continue to drive change, and to bring forward large changes in business, companies and society, that is the value of corporate research laboratories. To achieve that, we want to continue to challenge ourselves together with all the other corporate research laboratories.

For a more in-depth article on the event in Japanese, and other related articles, see the following links.

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