Senior Research Scientist – Customer Program (Fintech AI), Rakuten Institute of Technology (RIT)
location Tokyo
Engineer Researcher
Customer Program

Fintech AI is one of the research topics in the Customer Program and is positioned as an important research topic in the Rakuten Group (especially fintech businesses). The research members develop algorithms related to financial market.

Research members are working on the development of new trading algorithms and the improvement of the existing algorithms through the analysis of various data such as market data and transaction data, and discussions with business personnel. When ideas for a new algorithm is obtained, the research members implement a simulator to conduct back-tests and evaluate the validity of the ideas.
Research members are required to have the ability to analyze a vast amount of past transaction data, mathematical thinking to obtain ideas for new algorithms based on the insights gained from the analysis, programming skills to simulate the algorithms they designed quickly without bugs, and the ability to propose the verified algorithms to the business.