Effect of Attention Adaptive Personal Audio Deliverable System on Digital Signage

Author: Noko Kuratomo, Kazuki Yamada, Soh Masuko, Toshimasa Yamanaka, Keiichi Zempo


The purpose of this study is to improve the comfortability of the space using digital signage and the effectiveness of the advertisement to be displayed. So we have developed a system that only reached sound information to people who need it, like people watching a screen.This system is composed of head direction and human position detected by a camera and super directive sound by a parametric speaker. These make the sound volume increase only when the head faces camera, and the speaker to be used is automatically selected according to the position of the person. Because of the super directive sound, it is designed not to be outputted to anyone who does not need it.The experiment using the system was conducted. Compared to the conventional loudspeaker, this system has improved space comfortability while maintaining advertising effect. This suggests that this system can create a more comfortable environment for customers.

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