Delivering Active Fashion Advertisement to Potential Viewers

Author: Mitsuru Nakazawa, Jiu Xu, Soh Masuko


Nowadays, more and more fashion stores have started to introduce digital signage displays for dynamically switching advertisement contents of their products. To attract people’s attention and interest towards a display, some signage systems distribute suitable contents for each individual based on personal attributes, acquired through a camera. However, if there are people who are not interested in the digital signage around the display, suitable contents are not necessarily distributed to those who really intend to view it. Therefore, in this paper we propose a digital signage that can take into account people who have higher potential of viewing the display. First, we acquire human behavior and personal attributes of each person. Then, the potential degree of viewing the display is calculated for each person. Next, our system searches content candidates for each person based on their personal attributes. Finally, the distributed contents are determined by selecting more candidates for people with a higher viewing potential.

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